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Medicinal Mushroom Tea: Dried Mushrooms 

... These medicinal healing mushrooms are expertly harvested, and naturally sun dried to produce the most nutrient rich mushroom tea imaginable.  Each 1 oz bag makes 4 cups of potent medicinal fungi tea.  Includes instructions on how to prepare and brew the dried mushrooms.

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Dried Chaga Mushroom Tea1 & 4 Oz. of dried Chaga mushrooms for brewing delicious and medicinal Chaga tea. Makes 4-16 cups of healthy Chaga mushroom tea. Includes tea brewing directions. Enjoy uncommonly healthy mushroom tea.
Dried Reishi Mushroom TeaReishi mushrooms are believed great for supporting healthy immune systems and boosting energy.  These 1 or 4 oz packages of sun dried reishis makes 4 cups of medicinal tea per ounce. Includes instructions on brewing reishi fungi tea.