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Mushroom Wisdom Medicinal Supplements

... These medicinal mushroom supplements from Mushroom Wisdom have been reduced and concentrated into tablet form, providing potent medicinal mushroom benefits.  Get free shipping on all Mushroom Wisdom healing fungi supplements we offer. 

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Maitake D-Fraction Mushroom SupplementMaitake D fraction supplements from Mushroom Wisdom.  Maitake is a great supplement that specializes in promoting both the efficiency and the overall quality of the body's immune system. 120 capsules, 30 day supply.
Mushroom Emperors SupplementMedicinal blend of 14 different mushrooms and extracts from Mushroom Wisdom. Includes the best of the morel family such as Maitake, Lion's Mane, Shiitake, Reishi, Chaga, and more! 30 day supply, 120 vegan tablets.
Super Chaga Mushroom SupplementSuper Chaga powdered mushroom vegan tablets from Mushroom Wisdom. 120 vegan tablets, 1 month supply.
Super Cordyceps Mushroom SupplementSuper Cordyceps powdered mushroom supplement tablets by Mushroom Wisdom. Perfect for those looking for an endurance and energy boost. 120 Vegan tablets.
Super Coriolus Mushroom SupplementMushroom Wisdom's Super Coriolus supplement tablets from the trametes versicolor mushroom (Turkey Tail mushroom).  120 Vegan tablets, lasts 30 days.
Super Lion's Mane Mushroom SupplementSuper Lion's Mane mushroom powder tablets are a potent supplemen. 120 Vegan tablets made with powdered lion's mane and maitake mushroom. A 30 day supply.
Super Meshima Mushroom SupplementSuper Meshima. The supplement bottle includes 120 vegan tablets (30 day supply) of powdered mushrooms and meshima extract.
Super Reishi Mushroom SupplementThe Super Reishi mushroom powder supplement is an all-around excellent solution for a supplement that supports immune and optimal health. 120 Vegan tablets (30 day supply) made with reishi and maitake mushroom powder and extracts.
Super Royal Agaricus Mushroom SupplementThe Royal Agaricus is renown in Brazil.  120 Vegan tablets made from agricus mushroom extract and powder. A 30 day supply of mushroom vegan tablets.
Super Shiitake Mushroom SupplementSuper Shiitake supplement is made from this classic mushroom and is used for innumerable medicinal benefits. 120 vegan tablets made from potent shiitake and maitake powder. 30 day supply.
Super Tremella Mushroom SupplementTremella mushrooms are said to to support both healthy skin and bones. Super Tremella is a powdered mushroom supplement that packs the benefits of this amazing medicinal mushroom into a convenient supplement. 120 Vegan tablets.