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Mushroom Books, Guides, and Recipes

... These mushroom and fungi books provide an excellent resource for the mushroom lover. Whether it be identifying popular mushrooms in the woods, or cooking mushrooms into every meal, you will find help here.

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Medicinal Mushrooms Book by Christopher HobbsWritten for those seeking a thorough handbook of edible fungi and their uses, Christopher Hobbs' Medicinal Mushrooms covers over 100 species of mushrooms with their cultural and medicinal benefits.  Soft Cover, 251 pages.
Mushrooms for Health & Longevity Book by Ken BabalMushrooms for Health and Longevity gives an excellent overview of the most popular mushrooms used for medicinal purposes.  Written by Ken Babal, this book contains both mushroom facts and delicious recipes.  Soft cover, 63 pages.
The Shiitake Way Recipe Book by Jennifer SnyderThe Shiitake Way by Jennifer Snyder gives a great introduction to the shiitake mushroom and its nutritional and medicinal properties, while then providing over 80 delicious recipes to prepare and cook them.  Soft cover, 128 Pages.