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Mushroom Mycelium Spore Plug Spawn

... Use these mycelium spore innoculated dowels (plug spawn) to grow your own supply of edible gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.  Using the included instructions, you will be able to cultivate these mushroom starters on logs and trees. They will produce mushrooms for up to 5 years! 

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Plug Spawn: Chicken of the Woods - 100 countCreate your own colony of home-grown Chicken of the Woods mushrooms. Using a backyard log or stump, these plug spawn will have you producing your own fresh mushroom harvest in as little as 6 months! Produces for years thereafter.
Plug Spawn: Lion's Mane - 100 countLions' Mane mushroom plug spawn. Grow your own Lion's Mane mushrooms in hardwood logs or stumps. 100 mycelium spore infused plugs includes.  Also includes 14 page illustrated instruction booklet. Enjoy   mushrooms for years.
Plug Spawn: Maitake Mushrooms - 100 countMaitake mushroom plug spawn. Grow your own Maitake mushrooms in hardwood logs or stumps with these mycelium spore infused plug spawn. Includes detailed instruction booklet. Will produce numerous fruitings of Maitakes.
Plug Spawn: Pearl Oyster - 100 countThese pearl oyster mushroom plugs are infused with mycelium spores and will produce many fruitings of delicious pearl oyster mushroom. Includes detailed instructions. Grow on hardwood logs or stumps in your yard.
Plug Spawn: Phoenix Oyster - 100 countGrow your own colony of Phoenix Oyster Mushrooms (also called Indian Mushrooms) on logs or stumps in your yard. Makes a great hobby. Produces many fruitings over years. Plug spawn comes with detailed instruction booklet.
Plug Spawn: Reishi Mushrooms - 100 countGrow your own colonies of medicinal Reishi mushrooms on logs or stumps in your own yard. These mycelium infused plug spawn (100 count) are 2" by 5/16" in diameter and are perfect for inoculating stumps and logs. Will produce Reishis for many years.
Plug Spawn: Shiitake Mushrooms - 100 countCreate your own Shiitake mushroom garden in your own yard. 100 shiitake mycelium spore infused mushroom plug spawn. Use to inoculate logs and stumps and produce shiitake mushrooms for many years. Easy to grow.
Plug Spawn: Turkey Tail Mushrooms - 100 countPackage of 100 Turkey Tail mushroom mycelium spore infused wooden plug spawn. Insert into drilled holes in logs or stumps to inoculate the wood and produce beautiful turkey tail mushrooms for many years.