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Certified Organic Outdoor Mushroom Growing Kits

... Organic outdoor fungi growing kits for your yard and garden. These mushroom kits come with mycelium spore innoculated medium to start  growing your own edible gourmet and medicinal fungi. Detailed growing inctructions include with every outdoor kit.  Growing your own mushrooms is  fun, healthy and delicious.

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Organic Outdoor Garden Giant Mushroom KitThe Garden Giant mushroom is a favorite for those that like to grow their own vegetable gardens.  With a wide temperature tolerance, and the enormity of this tasty mushroom, you'll love watching this monster grow. Complete Kit.
Organic Outdoor Garden Oyster Mushroom KitMix this Mushroom Garden Kit's mycelium into your chosen growing area's soil, sawdust, straw or wood chips and create your own colony of home-grown garden oyster mushrooms. Great for garden soil. Complete kit. Certified Organic.
Organic Outdoor Shaggy Mane Mushroom KitMix this Shaggy Mane Mushroom Kit's mycelium into your chosen growing area's soil or compost and create your own colony of delicious home-grown mushrooms!  Complete mushroom growing kit. Certified Organic.